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Introducing Punky Pinks

Punky Pins is a lifestyle fashion accessory brand founded in 2005.

It all started when our founder and girlboss, Claire Whaite, made a few badges using a kids badge machine in a spare room back in 2005. Since then, it kinda unexpectedly grew into this amazing business, headed by Claire, with a fantastic team of girls and guys based in the North East of England. Punky Pins creates unique kick-ass enamel pins, patches and accessories, inspired by pop culture, movies, cats, feminism and other cool and cute AF things, like cats. Ah, we love cats!

Every pin and accessory we produce goes through a painstaking design process, usually over cake and gossip. We put our heart and soul into designing accessories that you will love.  

Punky Pins: Forever inspired by cats, cute stuff, and our customers. Fueled by thousands of cups of tea.